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Our world-class structural engineering company, renowned for its exceptional portfolio and extensive international experience, is dedicated to providing unparalleled quality of service. Our structural design means a process of creating safe, cost-effective and functional structures under any kind of load and circumstances they may experience thanks to our internationally experienced design team. We excel in swiftly and uniquely preparing structural designs, ensuring efficient and accurate outcomes. Our experienced team collaborates closely with architects and designers to create innovative and structurally sound designs. Therefore, our structural design service forms the foundation of every successful construction project.

Detailed Planning and Blueprints:

At the beginning, we focus on careful planning and creating detailed project blueprints. We conduct thorough research to understand project goals, requirements, and limitations. Our focus is on developing detailed blueprints that serve as the foundational framework for the entire construction project.

Material Selection and Load Evaluation:

In the next stage, we select the right materials and assess how loads (like dead weight, live load, pressure, wind loads and earthquakes) will affect the structure. We make sure the selected materials can handle the demands of the project while keeping it safe and cost-effective.

Structural Analysis:

In this stage, we build an analytical model and run structural analysis in several differenet licensed finite element softwares such as LIRA-SAPR, SAP2000, Visual Analysis, GEO5 etc. We make sure that entire structural analysis, stress-strained condition, deflections, settlements meet construction code and international standards.

Checking Structural Strength:

In the final part, we check how strong the structure will be. We use advanced licensed FE softwares to analyze and test it thoroughly. This step helps us ensure that the design is sturdy and can handle different forces and environmental conditions. We keep optimizing the design to strike the right balance between safety and efficiency.

Detailed Structural Design/Construction Documentation:

In this stage, after analyzing and checking structural solutions, we create clear and detailed construction drawings in CAD and BIM.

In our approach to structural analysis and design, we meticulously plan, learn from real-world cases, perform precise calculations, and execute with precision to transform visions into successful projects.


The preparation stage is where we lay the foundation for a successful construction and design project. We begin by meticulously planning, researching, and conceptualizing. This entails defining our project objectives, outlining requirements, assessing feasibility while considering budgetary constraints, and setting clear timelines. Collaborating closely with our clients allows us to deeply understand their vision and needs, establishing the project's direction.


Our expertise

Our journey takes us through past successes in similar projects. Through an in-depth analysis of these case studies, we uncover the keys to success, identify roadblocks encountered, and unearth creative solutions applied. These lessons serve as the compass guiding our current project's design and construction path.


The calculation stage is where the magic of mathematics and structural analysis happens. We employ advanced software and tools to perform intricate calculations and simulations, validating our project's design and structural integrity. This step assures us that our envisioned design can effectively withstand various forces, loads, earthquakes and environmental conditions while strictly adhering to safety regulations. We provide analytical FE models, evaluating different parameters to guarantee our final structural design meets the required safety and performance standards.



This is where our vision takes form! Our expert team collaborates seamlessly to turn approved designs into reality. With precision and adherence to safety and quality, we ensure the construction aligns with our plans. Efficient resource management and clear communication are vital in delivering a project that mirrors the initial vision. It's the heartbeat of our project—a result of dedication and hard work.

Offering an array of services in various structural engineering fields:

Construction Support and Supervision:

  • Providing on-site supervision and support during the construction phase to ensure compliance with design plans and safety standards.
  • Performing quality control and inspection to monitor construction progress and quality of work.

Structural Assessment and Retrofitting:

  • Assessing the condition of existing structures and recommending retrofitting solutions to enhance safety and functionality.
  • Strengthening and upgrading structures to meet modern standards and codes.

Steel and Concrete Design:

  • Specialized design services for steel and concrete structures, optimizing material usage for durability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Structural analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel components.

Bridge Engineering:

  • Designing and analyzing bridges for road, rail, and pedestrian use, considering factors such as load distribution, traffic patterns, and environmental conditions.
  • Bridge rehabilitation and retrofitting to extend service life and improve performance.

Geotechnical Engineering:

  • Geotechnical investigations and analysis to assess soil properties and provide recommendations for foundation design.
  • Slope stability analysis and recommendations for safe construction in hilly or unstable areas.