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Involves the design, analysis, and engineering of buildings or structures intended for business activities. It refers to the office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, warehouses, and other business-related structures.


Engineering of single-family or multi-family high-rise residential buildings. Structural design for safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing homes.


Industrial buildings and structures pertain to facilities designed to support industrial operations and processes, including factories, industrial warehouses etc.


Multipurpose structures refer to mixed-use buildings or spaces designed to serve multiple functions or uses.

Celebrating Our Diverse Endeavors:

Our extensive portfolio consists of the diverse spectrum of projects that we've successfully delivered, showcasing our expertise across different fields

Public Infrastructure

Involves the engineering and design of structures and facilities that serve the public and communities at large, such as transportation infrastructure, public buildings and utilities.

Healthcare Facilities

Structural engineers prioritize safety, functionality, and flexibility to support healthcare delivery at hospitals, clinics, and medical centers.

Cultural and Recreational Spaces

This sector focuses on the safe, durable and aesthetic structural design of cultural and recreational spaces such as museums, theaters, sports complexes, and other venue

Special Projects

Unique and innovative projects that don't fall under traditional sectors, which could involve iconic structures, pavilions, or experimental designs that push the boundaries of conventional engineering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a structural engineering project entail?

A structural engineering project entails the design, analysis, and construction documentation of a structure's components to ensure its stability, safety, and durability. This encompasses creating detailed blueprints, specifying materials, calculating load capacities, and adhering to safety standards. The ultimate goal is to guarantee a robust and secure structure that meets the intended requirements and regulations.

What is the role and key responsibilities of a structural engineer during a structural design?

During a structural design, a structural engineer plays a pivotal role in designing and analyzing structural components, enforcing compliance with safety codes, and ensuring the stability and durability of the structure. Also, Collaboration with various stakeholders and disciplines, managing timelines, and conducting inspections to guarantee that the project aligns with approved plans and quality standards are primary responsibilities of structural engineer.

What is involved in structural engineering calculation?

Structural engineering calculations involve complex mathematical computations and analyses to assess the strength, stability, and durability of structural components. This includes determining load capacities, stress distribution, and ensures that the structure's design meets safety standards, can withstand environmental conditions, and is cost-effective.

How long does it typically take to complete a structural engineering project?

Project timelines vary based on the complexity and scale of the project. Simple projects might take a few weeks, while larger, complex projects can take several months.

Why choose Progressi LLC for your structural engineering needs?

At Progressi LLC, we offer more than structural expertise; we provide a promise of quality, backed by years of experience. We transform visions into robust structures, ensuring long-lasting success for your projects based on cost-effective solutions.

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